PJ Dick, Trumbull and Lindy Paving Metric Century 62 Miles


About the Ride

For more experienced riders that wish to challenge themselves, this ride offers 62 miles (100km) of Pittsburgh’s roaming slopes. Starting in the South Side Works, this route will take you through more of the South Side, the North Side, the East End and an epic final climb up to Mt. Washington. This ride will test your climbing and reward riders with some of the best views of Pittsburgh.

Strategically placed rest stops can be found along the route to break up this longer ride. If needed there are a number of points along the PJ Dick, Trumbull, Lindy Paving Metric Century where you are able to join the shorter Highmark City Tour to return back to the Finish Line Festival.  When you return to the Finish Line Festival in South Side Works, there will be festival (from 11am-3pm) offering restrooms, bike parking (don’t forget to bring your bike lock), music, food trucks, a cycling expo, and a free photo booth. Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy the day. It’s going to be fun!

Start time: 6:00am-7:00am
We recommend starting early to enjoy lighter traffic on the streets as well as cooler morning air.


What Neighborhoods does this ride not go through might be easier to list.

Enjoy Great views and Challenging Climbs up to River View Park and Mt Washington.

Rest Stops :

Penn Brewery Water Stop- mile 7

PJ Dick, Trumbull, and Lindy Paving’s  River View Park Rest Stop – mile 19

Highmark’s Highland Park – mile 37

Eat’n Park Rest Stop at Schenley Park – mile 48

Don’t just Bike, Bike MS at Grandview Park –  mile 54



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