Ride with a purpose

Registration fees from PedalPGH have raised over $1,000,000 for Bike Pittsburgh’s work since 2012.

BikePGH’s mission is to transform Pittsburgh streets to make biking and walking commonplace for all Pittsburghers in order to improve our quality of life and reduce the harmful effects of car dependence in our communities.

We accomplish this mission by advocating for policy change and infrastructure improvements to make our streets more bikeable and walkable. We train bicyclists to confidently bike in the city and create educational materials that improve street safety for all users. We host events and build community to celebrate biking, walking, and car-free transportation.

BikePGH partnered with the Bike Match Network during the Covid-19 pandemic to connect people who have an extra bicycle with the people who need one. Since the program launched in 2020 over 20 matches have been made, providing essential workers and others with transportation. 

BikePGH partnered with the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Transportation on the MoveForwardPGH initiative, a rapid implementation of the Bike (+) Plan.

BikePGH helped usher in a new street type to Pittsburgh – the Neighborway! This street design helps calm traffic in several residential corridors identified in the Bike(+) Plan. 

BikePGH released the 8th edition of the Pittsburgh Bike Map in 2020. This new update adds in over 14 miles of new bike lanes, Neighborways, and trails so you can get where you need to go!

We held five Operation Illumination light giveaway events last year, and gave out over 400 light sets to unlit cyclists in Pittsburgh.